Koh Samui Villa

Koh Samui Villa

With its blistering heat, blissful views, and booming tourist industry, Koh Samui is the ideal island to choose to buy your luxury villa. Koh Samui has been on an economic rise since the early 1980’s and is now enjoying a tourist industry peak. With the property market naturally growing, let us have a look at some of the reasons why you should buy a villa here. 


One of the many upsides of owning a villa on this beautiful, bustling island, is that due to the obvious trappings of living on a paradise-like island, the current tourist boom means that you have a lot of options when scoping one out. For example, you could live in your villa bi-annually and rent it out the rest of the time to holiday-makers. During the peak holiday times, it can give you a worthy second income. There are many established rental programmes that you can take full advantage of to make the most of this opportunity.

Additional upsides to buying your villa on Koh Samui is the widespread and varied areas that there are to choose from.

For example, take Laem Set Beach. Situated on the south east side of Koh Samui, this wonderfully naturalistic part of the island is a hit with young families in particular. The reason being is the beautiful wildlife on offer and the amazing coral reef where snorkeling is incredibly popular. The best part of purchasing a villa here is that you can have the added bonus of being beach-front! Beach-front villas are generally the most popular at Koh Samui because of the picturesque sea-views. Imagine waking up at your villa, opening the balcony door and looking at the beautiful palm trees and white sands that would be on your doorstep!


Another favoured area on the island is the scenic Shiva Samui (Samui Beach). This slice of sandy perfectness offers everything you could ask for in a modern-yet-elegant holiday destination. There are scads of villas to choose from, again, all along the beach-front. Included in the many reasons why this resort is one of the favourites for tourists.

If you wanted something a little different, then may we suggest one of the most sought after spots on Koh Samui; Chaweng Beach. The luxurious villas here are especially in demand due to its tranquil days mixed with its spicy, lively nightlife.

A lot of the villas built on Koh Samui offer great comfort such as outdoor pools, large rooms, terraces, gyms, tennis courts, Jacuzzis, balconies and much, much more. This is all down to preference, obviously, and the range of villas available here is truly astonishing.

As mentioned, there are many reasons why the tourist industry is so active on Koh Samui, the sublime coastline, the wild nightlife, the vast amount of spas, the mass yoga classes, to name a few. These all add to why now is the the perfect time to buy a villa!